In Space, Nobody Can Hear You…Rock?!?

Space Rock

The week has already had several gaming highlights for me, and it’s not even halfway over!  Each day seems to have had a nice game-related high point to it.

Sunday I decided to break down and check out Rock Band 3.  I had still been having a lot of fun with Rock Band 2, so it’s not that I desperately needed new music content to satisfy me.  But a few days prior I read a blog post discussing the pros and cons of performing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in-game, and from that moment on a little seed of an idea took root and sprouted into the decision to go ahead and purchase it.  After consulting my local game merchant, I made the choice to purchase the gaame only, without the keyboard instrument – I’ll leave that additional purchase for a later date perhaps.  So far, so good!

Space Rock


The following day I took a few minutes prior to going to work to scan Craigslist for an available Rock Band drum kit.  I’ve checked multiple times before, but nothing opportune ever became available.  Well, as luck would have it, there was a 2-day old ad for an instrument set, and after corresponding back and forth for a bit I was able to purchase drums, an additional guitar, and a track pack for a very cheap price!  On a related note, I’m still not convinced that Harmonix couldn’t have made the previous-gen drums work on current gen systems – hell, the mic works just fine, and it’s USB just like the drums were!  Well, whatever, all’s well that ends well.

The crowning moment, though, came in the form of Dead Space 2‘s midnight launch!  OK, so the actual launch event itself wasn’t a big deal at my retailer…I’m not exactly located in a bustling thoroughfare of commerce.  Just small potatoes, I’m afraid.  But having that hotly anticipated title in my hands at 12:05 AM and returning home for an early morning gaming session was its own sweet reward!  And I must say the hours spent with DS2 since then have not fallen short of expectations – but more on that topic later!  If you’re one of either the lucky or the nerdy ones who snatched up this game as soon as it hit shelves, leave me a line to share your initial reaction, straight out of the box so to speak.

Space Rock

Engineer Isaac Clarke, on his latest suicide mission

PS: My gamer score is very rapidly approaching 15,000  (14,870 at time of writing).  I have a feeling another gaming highlight is fast approaching!  Party at my house when I do, y’all!!


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