Much Love at the Duke Trailer Park

Duke Nukem Forever

I’m the gamer at my house. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars into my gaming passion, and it’s rare that a day goes by without some type of gaming getting done ’round here. My girlfriend is cool about it, though. More than cool. True, she doesn’t generally care to pay too much attention to the dramas unfolding on our living room TV screen when I get into a few levels of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, or follow the intricate trail of clues in a case of L.A. Noire. True also that she doesn’t participate much in any kind of gaming other than an occasional go at Super Mario Bros. 3 on my NES hooked up in the bedroom.

But she does humor me and my endeavors, at the very least. If I’ve just gotta share a moment of Fallout: New Vegas so full of awesomeness I can’t even contain myself, she’ll listen to me rave like a giddy schoolgirl; maybe she’ll even take a look as I demonstrate the game in question. Not to mention the fact that she’s bought me a few of my games herself: FNV, Lost Planet, Mass Effect 2.

It’s pretty awesome to be supported in my nerddom!

But she’s taken a much stronger than usual interest in the upcoming Duke Nukem: Forever, due out in two weeks. To be fair, I’m excited about it as well, and looking forward to experiencing it (albeit for probably different reasons ;P). On numerous occasions, she’s gone on YouTube of her own accord and searched for a specific DNF trailer; she says she just really loves the music in it (I finally told her it was Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars). Honestly, I believe this; it seems like the kind of song a game like DNF is tailor-made for, and vice-versa. It really just makes the trailer rock even harder than it already would:

Personally, while I do think she’s on to something with that song, I like the “Shrinkage” trailer better; it’s just full of fucking hilarious crap, and shows just what type of game I’m getting set to delve into soon. Tiny Duke, in his Tiny Voice, saying those Big Boy Lines… comic gold!

Either way, I can’ help but think – hope – that no matter what trailer each of likes best, the game’s gonna be a win all around!

And she was worried I was gonna write something to embarrass her…p’shaw!


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