The Sounds of Portal – Free!

Portal 2 Soundtrack

This Is How You Make Up for Having “Insensitive Messages”

To bring in the Summer holidays in style, Valve’s got a great present for anybody who visits the official Portal website – a free soundtrack! You can download Volume 1 of the Portal 2 soundtrack, which includes twenty-two full-length music tracks from the game, with each track being about three to five minutes long. It is a heady, trippy, ethereal and industrial-sounding mesh of atmospheric noise, computer static, and sometimes pretty-sometimes foreboding and disquieting melodies. Even better than trying to make rhyme or reason out of that description, why not head over to the site and check it out for yourself?

The tracks included in Volume 1 are:

  1. Science is Fun
  2. Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser
  3. 999999
  4. The Courtesy Call
  5. Technical Difficulties
  6. Overgrowth
  7. Ghost of Rattman
  8. Haunted Panels
  9. The Future Starts With You
  10. There She Is
  11. You Know Her
  12. The Friendly Faith Plate
  13. 15 Acres of Broken Glass
  14. Love as a Construct
  15. I Saw a Deer Today
  16. Hard Sunshine
  17. I Am Different
  18. Adrenal Vapor
  19. Turret Wife Serenade
  20. I Made It All Up
  21. Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time
  22. Triple Laser Phase

But wait, there’s more! In addition to this sweet soundtrack, you can download several 15-20 second Portal ringtones for either your Android or iPhone. The ringtones are clips from the soundtrack, and you can choose from Turret Wife Serenade, Science is Fun (known from the trailer and TV spots), The Friendly Faith Plate, The Courtesy Call, I Saw a Deer Today, and Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time.

Valve is really stepping up, earning big plusses in many books and offering much juicy content at no charge whatsoever, not the least of which is the promised free DLC.

[Volume 2 & 3 have since released as well, for a full soundtrack experience! -Ed.]


One thought on “The Sounds of Portal – Free!

  1. I honestly don’t know where all the Valve hate popped up out of nowhere when Portal 2 came out. It was not perfect but it wasn’t evil on disk form. In fact, all I heard was fans didn’t like it from gaming websites themselves. Minus one rather relentless negative review, that’s all I’ve ever heard bad about it, to the point of I was starting to wonder if I was the only one at all that disliked specific parts of it.

    Game’s good, I’d wait to buy it till the price drops to like 20 or something, but I’m about gaming on the cheap anyway ^_^ Solid, solid rental though! That free DLC won’t do much to extinguish whatever ‘hate’ they seem to have. They’d be better off actually releasing Half-Life Episode 3 than cater to that ‘crowd’ of naysayers.

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