Sunday Morning Cheer: Outside Aperture

Portal Cake

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

The fan-made film Outside Aperture fills us in on what Chell did after “escaping” the research facility in the first Portal, and answers the question of how she moves on with life after escaping certain death and being traumatized at the hands of a crazed homicidal super-computer. The coolest thing about this movie isn’t the chance to escape back into the Portalverse for just a few minutes. It isn’t even the explanation of why cake became such a sticking point with GlaDOS to try to subvert Chell to be her lab-rat. No, the coolest thing, far and away, is the incredibly awesome, inventive, and funny uses of Chell’s portals; not to mention the fact that the portal effects are unbelievably well done! Oh, and most importantly, we finally get to learn: Does Chell ever get to have some well-deserved cake? Enjoy!


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