Saving My Pennies


Summer of Game Savings

Through the Bits ‘n’ Bytes channels, I was turned on to Valve’s Steam gaming service by a fellow editor a couple of months ago. There are a couple of reasons why I’d never heard of it or bothered to find out more about it before. Primarily, the PC is not my gaming system of choice. I tend to do almost all of my gaming on consoles, and have for a very long time. There was a period in the late ’90s when I was into PC gaming a lot more, primarily Sierra products (speak: adventure games). Sadly, my PC nowadays just doesn’t have a whole hell of a lot of horsepower behind it, so serious gaming is pretty much out of the question.

So even when I heard about Steam – and downloaded the client and browsed the store – pretty much the only thing I used it for was to play Portal; even that game was almost too much to ask my PC to handle. Luckily, it must have been just barely on its threshold, because it regurgitated the game at a just playable level. But I do know that, until I get some pricey upgrades to my rig, any more advanced PC gaming is out of the question.

During the last five years, the only gaming I’ve really used my PC for was World of Warcraft, and that worked just fine with a little RAM upgrade at one point. But, as stated above, I’ve got an old love for adventure gaming, and so I’ve finally come around to picking up a few cool-sounding titles – adventure and otherwise – from Steam. After all, they’ve got a pretty decent summer sale going on, and some of the deals I’ve gotten were very impressive. So now, I pass the savings on; not to you, sadly, although you can benefit from my story and check the sale out for yourself; I pass the savings on to myself. Here’s what I was able to grab, and the money it saved me:

  • Time Gentlemen, Please! & Ben There, Dan That! Combo Pack – $1.24 (from $4.99)
  • Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episodes 1 & 2 – $1.80 (from $11.99)
  • The Tiny Bang Story – $3.40 (from $9.99)
  • Terraria – $7.49 (from $9.99)


Tiny Bang Story

Total money spent on my part: $13.93 for six games, whereas the games would have cost me $36.96 at full price! Throw in the fact that I grabbed two Xbox Live Arcade JRPGs (Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII) for a total of 320 Microsoft points, or $4, and I’d say I nabbed quite a cache of summer gaming for less than $20!

Go me!

Classic JRPG goodness in Cthulhu!


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