Sunday Morning Cheer: L.A. Noire – Deleted Cases

L.A. Noire

Those of you who’ve played Rockstar’s L.A. Noire recently don’t have to be told about the title’s attention to detail, evident in both the graphic nature of its content as well as the visuals used for its characters. But developers Team Bondi¬†also didn’t shy away from portraying the ugly societal truths of a 1940s-era¬†Los Angeles; the game is rife with overt racism and misogyny – and these usually coming from the cops! Not from Cole Phelps, mind you; after all, he was the department’s Golden Boy. But Cole’s partners typically weren’t keen on holding back their personal opinions.

Well, animator Johnny Utah presents a few scenes from the game’s “deleted cases”, which takes this realism one step further to parody. This video is intended in pure fun, to rib the close-minded prejudices of that time. Case closed!


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