Well Played – Episode 1: Earthbound & The Getaway

Well Played

At BnB, we’re gamers. As such, we’ve all known the terrifying uncertainty at picking up an unknown game, the unbridled joy at finding an overlooked gem, and the overly skewed fondness of rose-tinted nostalgia. With Well Played, our new podcast series, we provide a community service to our fellow gamers, by offering up our unsolicited thoughts about games – new and old, well-known and obscure alike – after actually sitting down and playing them. So take a listen, as we wax philosophically about games, make segues into bold personal revelations, and just generally crack wise about each other.

Well Played – Episode 1: Earthbound & The Getaway features Pascal Tekaia, Armand Kossayan, Martin Watts, and Rexly Penaflorida. Originally recorded on 6 and 7 August, 2011.  Full run time: 90 mins

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:00 Intro & Theme
  • 01:10 Earthbound w/ Armand & Martin
  • 54:00 Musical Interlude: “Good Friends/Bad Friends” – Earthbound
  • 54:40 The Getaway w/ Rexly
  • 1:28:30 Musical Interlude: Title Song – The Getaway
  • 1:29:20 Bonus! Do you dare to listen?

Theme Song: Anamanaguchi – Aurora (Meet Me in the Stars)

Next Episode: Well Played will be back with a brand-new episode on 7 September, when we’ll take on even more of the ever-daunting challenge of playing some completely random games, and live to tell about it!

—> Episode 2: Deadly Premonition & X-Com

Share Your Thoughts: Got something you want to add to the discussion?  Would you like to see a particular game covered on a future episode of Well Played? Let us know your views by sharing them in the comments section below.


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