Sunday Morning Cheer: Portal Proposal

Portal Proposal

Here at BnB, we’re not without our sensitive sides. Next to our (admittedly intense) love of the gaming world, we frequently indulge our many other passions. When we do, the result is at least equally as impressive as this video from Gary Hudston, who used a custom-made level of Portal to con woo his sweetheart into saying “Yes”. To do so, he enlisted the aid of several accomplices, not least the designer of the level, Douglas (whose site hosts a playable version of the level), but also Ellen McLain, better known as the voice of GLaDOS. The project was a success in every way, and we’re left with an outstanding (and romantically gooey) exhibition of ingenious level design. Oh, and no worries; obligatory jokes about the “validity of the wedding cake” shall be left unuttered. Enjoy!


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