Instant Replay – Episode 6: Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Dancing the Night Away

The year: 1990. The Nintendo Entertainment System, while still dominating the market, would be trumped a year later by the aptly named Super Nintendo. But, for the time being, the games console still had a bit of life left in it. Cue HAL Laboratories, who chose this time to publish a somewhat polished, but short and oddly titled, action platformer: Kabuki Quantum Fighter.

Kabuki Quantum Fighter is the story of a man who volunteers to be turned into a digital version of himself so he can be inserted into a giant mainframe computer and combat the evil virus corrupting it and threatening mankind. It’s your standard save-the-world plot with a digital twist.

Join Pascal as he dusts off his old game cartridge and gives it an Instant Replay.

<—  Episode 5: Blackthorne

—> Episode 7: Bombastic


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