PodBytes – Episode 11: Collector’s Editions

Collector's Editions

From “One in a Million” to “One of a Million”

There are some true, rare gems in gamedom, and it’s only fitting that these elusive pieces, be they crowning achievements in game design or unplayable piles of fertilizer, are priced according to their rarity; real collector’s items, in other words. But the term “collector’s item” seems to have been misplaced somewhere along the way, and  today anything that includes additional goodies is named thusly.

It’s time to confront the truth and right the wrongs of our forefathers… er, or at least have a discussion about the current state of things. Are “collector’s editions” and “limited editions” really all they claim to be and worth their asking price? Or is this just an example of the games industry whoring itself out for the lowest common denominator – the sales price at the registers? Join the team as we aim to throw all our ideas at the proverbial wall to see what sticks in this episode of PodBytes.

PodBytes – Episode 11: Collector’s Editions stars Martin Watts, Pascal Tekaia, and Rexly Penaflorida II.  Originally recorded on Saturday 12 November, 2011.  Full run time:  77 mins

Episode Breakdown

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 5:05 Games We’re Playing (& Waffles!)
  • 17:10 Current Events in Gaming
  • 20:35 What’s the Value of Limited and Collector’s Editions?
  • 32:10 Limited Edition Consoles
  • 39:00 What Makes a CE Worth its Price?
  • 1:13:40 Sign-Off & Closing

Theme Song: Anamanaguchi – Jetpack Blues – Download their album on iTunes, it’s awesome!

Note: PodBytes will be back with a brand-new episode on 30 November, when we’ll discuss our impressions and experiences while playing Skyrim – don’t miss it!

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Share Your Thoughts: Got something you want to add to the discussion?  Let us know your views by sharing them in the comments section below.


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