Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film Teaser

Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film

They’re Fightin’ in the Streets of L.A.

March of 2012 will bring us the fighting game mash-up Street Fighter X Tekken (pronounced SF ‘Cross’ Tekken), which combines fighters from both universes similar to games like Capcom vs. Marvel and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. In support of the game, Capcom has commissioned L.A.-based martial arts film company Thousand Pounds to create a short film based on the game.

This is not the short movie; that will be released in conjunction with the game’s release next year. But Thousand Pounds filmed a bit of an intro to their cast and crew, serving as a kind of teaser for both the game and the short film, including a little taste of their martial art talents. To make it even more confusing, though, the teaser was shot within sight of – and frequently mentions – the set of the game’s official TV commercial… but the commercial set or crew are ALSO not shown in the clip. A teaser for a film based on a game, and shot next to the set of the commercial for the game… well, maybe you should just watch it for yourself:

Street Fighter X Tekken is due for release 6 March, 2012 in North America (9 March in Europe) for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and will feature 20 characters from each franchise, special character-specific combo attacks, new tag online modes, and (according to the video) a 2-on-1 play mode.


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