Sunday Morning Cheer: DragonAge: Redemption

Dragon Age Redemption

The Redemption Is at Hand

To coincide with the release of its Dragon Age II DLC, Redemption, a six-part webseries starring Felicia Day premiered on 10 October, one day prior to the release of the new game episode. Day, who also created and wrote the webseries, stars as elven assassin Tallis, who is the focal point of the game’s DLC, including Day’s likeness and voice talent.

The webseries serves to further flesh out Tallis’ character, and provide a solid backstory for the assassin in an enjoyable format (not to mention to act as advertising for the game). Co-starring some other notable Hollywood names, such as Adam Rayner and Doug Jones, the series acts as an interesting companion piece to the game’s experience.

Presented here are all six episodes of the show, in sequence, with optional commentary by Day available for each one. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Tallis

(Episode 1 Commentary)

Episode 2: Cairn

(Episode 2 Commentary)

Episode 3: Josmael

(Episode 3 Commentary)

Episode 4: Nyree

(Episode 4 Commentary)

Episode 5: Mercenaries


(Episode 5 Commentary)

Episode 6: Saarebas


(Episode 6 Commentary)


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