Free Zelda Tribute Album by Indie Composers

Legend of Zelda Tribute Album

No, Seriously – Listen!

This year has seen much goodness commemorating The Legend of Zelda‘s 25th anniversary, and a last-minute entry is about to make it a whole lot better! An unofficial celebratory full-length album of re-arranged and re-imagined songs from throughout the series, titled 25YearLegend, has been released by OC Remix. This collection includes classic music from titles like Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, but also delves into the just-released Skyward Sword and shows some love to handheld titles and the series’ 8-bit roots as well. The best part: it’s available for the impossible-to-beat price of free!

More than a collection of fan-made tunes, 25YearLegend features many tracks by video game industry and indie composers and musicians. Artists like Daniel Rosenfield (Minecraft), Jimmy Hinson (Mass Effect 2), and Laura Shigihara (Plants vs. Zombies) have lent their vision to this project, and to remember a game series that, at some point, has touched and influenced most of our lives. Prepare to revisit Hyrule through cool jazz beats, 8-bit inspired synth music, funky club techno, and serene classical piano renditions of some of the most beloved music of the industry.

If you’re still suffering from withdrawal after imbibing of the Zelda 25th Anniversary CD, or perhaps have missed out on the aural celebrations (or are just a lover of great music and classic gaming), then download the 18-track album – complete with artwork – from OC Remix’s website, and while you’re there, learn a bit about the artists and musicians themselves. The holidays have just become a whole lot more sweet-sounding!


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