Sunday Morning Cheer: The Legend of Zelda Gets Played

Legend of Zelda Gets Played

Lovin’ The Other Green

With the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and the general Zelda madness during this 25th anniversary year, we thought it fitting to pay homage in a rather unconventional way: as a rap song. YouTube user Hi I’m Rawn (hiimrawn) has been paying respects to video games through his “Gets Played” series of rap songs and videos, including Mario, Sonic, and Pokemon. But what really sets these videos apart is that they’re skillfully shot and technically sound; they showcase a professional standard. His songs are also available on iTunes, but beware: they’re a bit edgy, and not for the consumption of the same youngsters who might play these games.

In the The Legend of Zelda Gets Played video, Link washes up on a lone Hyrulian beach, flanked by serveral Zora, and must make his way across treacherous fields, be waylaid by Moblins, and, with the help of Navi and the Deku tree (who both have their own rap verses!), must defeat Ganondorf and rescue fair Princess Zelda – pretty standard stuff. But the gritty urbanization of the game, which features heavily in all of Rawn’s videos, sets it apart from other fan tributes. My favorite part of the video? When Epona makes a brief cameo; now that’s gangsta! Enjoy!


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