Instant Replay – Episode 7: Bombastic


Roll the Dice!

Sometimes, amid blockbuster action games and the year’s big online fragfest shooters, it’s easy to forget about the little guy, that humble game that doesn’t get a lot of press or attention. Whether it’s because it doesn’t feature jaw-droppingly real graphics or is more cerebral than visceral. The strategy/puzzle genre is one that, while having its dedicated followers, doesn’t necessarily appeal to the stereotypical “twitch” gamer of today. However, as a casual pick-up-and-play genre, it cannot be so easily dismissed. Where would we be without greats like Tetris, Professor Layton, or Bejeweled?

In this installment of Instant Replay, Pascal takes a look at a PS2-era puzzler that has sat dormant in his gaming collection for years. Bombastic takes the old matching-style gameplay and stands it on its head with enemies, explosions, and difficult-to-master dice mechanics. Underneath this game’s charmingly cartoonish presentation lies a devilishly intricate puzzler that kept those who knew about it in a frenzied rush to match up dice in the right patterns.

So join Pascal as he checks this old disc for scratches and gives Bombastic an Instant Replay.

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