Sunday Morning Cheer: Mario and Sonic Get Bastion Narration

Mario and Sonic in Bastion

Writer Sits at Keyboard, Makes Words Happen

The indie game Bastion has kicked up a bit of a stir this year. Some people, including a few individuals among our staff, have gone so far as to name it their personal game of the year, and to hell with the VGAs. For many of its devoted followers, the thing that made the game stand out the most and truly offset it from the rest was the slow drawl of its introspective narrator, who would explain simple actions in intimate knowledge and great insight of the character’s actions and personal motivations. If only we all had our own disembodied voice, turning the most mundane of everyday actions into an auditory spectacle for the masses.

Alas, such a wish cannot be fulfilled, but what if we outfitted other favorite games both old and new with the same narrative voice-over treatment that Bastion benefited from? The answer to this has been given to us courtesy of Dorkly Bits, and is our Sunday Morning Cheer of the week. Enjoy!


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