PodBytes – Episode 14: Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday Podcast

Feliz Navi- Hey, Listen!

The turkey and ham have been put away, all home-made sweaters and socks have been neatly tucked away til next year, and everyone is slowly getting ready to return to the ho-hum of everyday life. Yes, the holidays are drawing to a close, but your good friends (or creepy uncles) here at Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming still have one last present for you!

Our entire team – or very nearly all of it – got together right before the holidays, just before we scattered across the globe to pursue our own holiday relaxation, and recorded an all-encompassing end-of-year episode of PodBytes for your listening pleasure. Gathering fearsome supplies of scotch, bourbon, rum, and any other spirits that weren’t nailed down, our cast of superstar reporters braved desperate odds and impossible conditions to bring you our views on the year ‘ere we bid it a fond farewell, and our expectations for the months to come. Along the way, Martin has his hands full taming uncooperative underlings, keeping a professional momentum going in the face of mass intoxication, and fighting a losing battle to stay on the right side of consciousness himself.

Join (and suffer with) Martin, Declan, Pascal, Rexly, Ryan, Chad, and Armand as their arguments become progressively more long-winded and their speech progressively slurred, and celebrate a last hurrah for 2011 with Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming!

Approximate run-time: 112 min. Originally recorded on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

Theme Song: Anamanaguchi – Jetpack Blues – Download their album on iTunes, it’s awesome!

Note: PodBytes will be back with a brand-new episode on 11 January, when we take on an entire genre of gaming near and dear to our hearts: the flight sim.

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