Instant Replay – Episode 8: Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy

Playing the Movie

Quantum Dream made a lot of waves in the games industry with the 2010 PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain. The realistic graphics, mature story-telling, and cinematic quality made it a critically acclaimed and successful thriller. But Heavy Rain was in actuality the amalgamation – the natural progression – of the developers’ experience with another title altogether, several years earlier.

Indigo Prophecy is hardly an obscure title. In fact, this spiritual predecessor to Heavy Rain has developed quite a fan base among gamers, and has seen re-releases on various platforms as a result. Nonetheless, as a new console generation is in the making, the up-and-coming ranks of young gamers may be missing out on the game that pioneered many, if not all, of the gameplay concepts that made Heavy Rain stand out from the crowd.

It’s for this reason that Indigo Prophecy, known as Fahrenheit outside of the States, deserves an Instant Replay.

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