Preview: Behind the Reflection 2 (PC)

Behind the Reflection Preview

Ding, Dong, the Witch Is…Not Dead

Alawar Entertainment is set to release a sequel to Behind the Reflection, a gothic seek-n-find from their line of casual hidden object games. In the original title, players had to find clues in cluttered scenes and solve puzzles in order to help a mother save her son from the spell of an evil witch who had imprisoned his soul within a magic mirror. Well, the witch is back, and is up to her old tricks again. Players must enter the haunted world of Behind the Reflection once again to stop the evil conjurer from exacting her revenge.

Though the game hasn’t been published yet, BnBGaming was able to get our collective grubby claws on a pre-release build and run it through its paces for a bit. As such, we can safely say that Behind the Reflection 2 includes some nice production values, offering some nice eye candy along with its hide-and-seek gamey goodness. The stages we were privy to featured crisp and gorgeously drawn scenes, which would look quite at home in an upscale children’s picture book.

As a mother looking to save her son, you are compelled from location to location, each place older and more decrepit than the last, and each one ominously menacing. Whether it’s the creaking of an old house as ghosts fly past or a decayed little gothic chapel with mannequins lining the pews, clothed and posed ready for a service that will never come, the game offers a delightfully morose look. Sadly, the dialog, of which there isn’t much, is delivered via text, without actual voice acting present.

But what counts for much more than the graphical style is, of course, the fidelity of the game’s puzzles. There are plenty of hidden object scenes, with almost every screen requiring locating some type of item, and several giving you a full list of clues to locate. You’ll also have to comb through each puzzle twice, with different items to look for each time, before being able to advance the plot to the game’s next location. One item found in each main hidden object scramble is used to advance the overarching puzzle of the room to its next step, and as you delve deeper into the game, you occasionally are forced to look for hidden object in areas away from where they’re needed.

Hidden object scenes are done well enough to make you check each nook and cranny carefully, and every now and then the odd item will give you a hard time being found, but seasoned veterans won’t find too much difficulty with these puzzles. However, the majority of the seek-n-find puzzles, when solved, give way to other puzzles that must be mastered to receive important plot items. These follow-up puzzles ran the gamut from simple to mind-bendingly difficult, as in the case of having to turn the dials on a stove to achieve a certain combination of moves.

Puzzle lovers and hidden object aficionados alike will certainly find plenty to like about this game, while those with a short attention span may appreciate its recharging hint button, and with its pleasant graphical atmosphere, one could do far worse than to give Behind the Reflection 2 a try.

Behind the Reflection 2 will be releasing soon for the PC.


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