Instant Replay – Episode 9: Bayou Billy

Bayou Billy

Whip It Good

Bayou Billy was Konami’s late ’80s answer to Crocodile Dundee. It stars a vest-wearing, whip-cracking, knife-wielding, hat-sporting country boy, only this time he hails from the Louisiana bayous rather than from Down Under. Billy West is on a mission through the swamps and ultimately the city streets to rescue his girl Annabelle Lane from the clutches of Godfather Gordon.

This NES title was notorious internationally for its difficulty (the Japanese original, Mad City, gave players more ammunition in the shooting stages and had enemies with less health). It was also one of the few NES games that made use of the NES Zapper in some levels, as well as mixing together side-scrolling beat ’em up action with driving stages and on-rails shooting segments.

With its reputation as having unforgiving difficulty, as well as the fact that its likely virtually unknown to newer generations of gamers, it’s time we take Bayou Billy for an Instant Replay.


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