BNBGAMING’s Top Video Game Dorks

Bentley/Sly Cooper

This guy…er, turtle…was guaranteed to have been that kid in the lunchroom who constantly got tripped by the jocks and always had his underwear pulled up into his…well, turtles don’t really wear underwear, but you get the picture.

Apart from having his lunch money stolen on a regular basis, the brains of Sly’s bandit outfit’s also the classic example of striking out with the ladies. While that may make him a good wingman, it makes him a top-rated dork, as well.

Top Video Game Dorks

Captain Qwark/Ratchet & Clank

Though he’s always loveable and usually hilarious, Captain Qwark manages to play the role of the awkward doofus rather well, whether appearing as a villain or trying to get on Ratchet and Clank’s good side for a change. His cowardice despite his heroic reputation serve to make him interesting in his awkwardness, and Jim Ward’s over-the-top vocal characterization fits the role of a pompous blow-hard to a tee. Easily the biggest dork in that universe!

Space Michael/Space Channel 5

The King of Pop may have been many things, but a dashing hero in this early precursor to what would become an entire sub-genre of rhythm gaming wasn’t one of them. We can put up with the voice, the moves, and the appearance in real life; in digital form, it’s just a bit hard to stomach with a straight face.

Tails/Sonic the Hedgehog series

Sonic 1 was great, but number 2 introduced us to the (in our opinion) lame side character Tails. He wants to help Sonic save the land, but he’s just a cute-looking, good-for-nothing fox. He can’t keep up with Sonic and slows the game down, and he’s always just barely on-screen. ┬áHe’s the perfect definition of a bumbling sidekick who thinks he’s helping save the world.

Top Video Game Dorks

Honorable Mentions

~Vincent Brooks/Catherine

Top Video Game Dorks


Top Video Game Dorks

~Wario and Waluigi/Mario series

Top Video Game Dorks

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