Let’s Play Indigo Prophecy – Part 05: Buggin’ Out

Let's Play Indigo Prophecy

Creepy Crawlies

Welcome to BNBGAMING’s first Let’s Play series! Join Pascal as he takes on Quantic Dream’s adventure classic and cult favorite, Indigo Prophecy, known as Fahrenheit outside of the States.

In the fifth episode, Carla visits the coroner, Tyler becomes a cartoonist, and Lucas finds out his office has a slight bug problem. Continue reading

Review: Spelunky (360)

Spelunky Review

“XBLA. Why Did It Have to Be XBLA?”

Three years after Spelunky was released as freeware on the PC to rave reviews, the smash indie hit has made its way to the Xbox Live Arcade. While the XBLA version doesn’t come for free, it does feature all the graphical upgrades that you’d expect from the platform (and three years’ worth of time). It doesn’t sacrifice anything in the gameplay department, and developer Derek Yu has made sure that no punches were pulled in maintaining Spelunky‘s trademark notorious difficulty. As a result, the 360 has gained a title that, as many already know, quickly draws you into its hypnotizing spell, severely punishing you for it all the while. Continue reading

The Indie Fix: The Sea Will Claim Everything

The Sea Will Claim Everything

Island Living

“‘We are all islands on a wide sea,’ the philosopher said. Perhaps it’s true. Yet I cannot help but remember an older saying, scratched on a cave wall somewhere by a long-forgotten prophet: in the end, the sea will claim everything. We are like islands. Does it mean we are connected? Do we share a common origin? Or just the common fate of sinking?” With these words begins an amazing journey through the region known as The Fortunate Isles, in Jonas and Verena Kyratzes’s The Sea Will Claim Everything, the newest addition to their Lands of Dream universe of stories and games. Continue reading