2013 Gaming Archive #3: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean


I had already reviewed Lego Pirates of the Caribbean when it first released on home consoles back in 2011. I still stand by what I said at the time, namely that the game exhibits the familiar Lego charm while doing nothing to make the movies’ plot less convoluted – in fact, as one of the last Lego games without spoken dialog, it’s often more difficult to discern what’s going on in the game’s plot by watching the animated pantomimes, and by the end it just becomes an exercise in frustration.

Now I’m assuming that most people don’t particularly play these movie tie-ins to experience an all-new story, so ultimately the plot is a bit of a throwaway element. But when you’ve already played your way through the game’s first two episodes just to be confounded by At World’s End and On Stranger Tides’ unintelligible mimicry, it does leave something to be desired.

So why am I putting this game on my 2013 list if I already reviewed it way back when? Simple. At the time of my initial review, I had purposely refrained from playing the final episode, as I hadn’t seen the movie yet and didn’t want to spoil the story. (Yes, I know, the game’s story was as flighty as the movie’s, so playing it wouldn’t have spoiled anything ultimately, but how was I to know??) So now, after seeing the movie myself, I eventually made my way back to my 360, popped the game back in, and boom goes the dynamite.

I guess if I want to be nitpicky about it, I could say there’s also another reason why the game popped back up for me this year. I feel embarrassed about this, but it does seem that Lego games are the only ones I can achieve 100% completion in. So, apart from finishing the final episode, I felt that obtaining all remaining achievement points at last qualified the game as truly completed.

So I’ll give myself one last one to make it official:

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean


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