DS Bedtime Stories

DS Bedtime Stories

Time For My Stories

I haven’t had a proper handheld gaming device since I sold my Game Boy – along with ALL my games!! – back in the early ’90s just to get enough money together to buy the subpar SNES version of Mortal Kombat. File that one under “Worst Gaming Decisions Ever!” Since then, the only portable gaming I’ve done, if you can consider it as such, is a round or two of Scrabble on my cell phone.

Cut to Christmas of 2012, when, in sheer futility, I put a 3DS on my wish list, knowing that no one was likely to get me a gift with that kind of price tag attached to it. And what does my awesometacular girlfriend get me? Yep, you guessed it. I couldn’t have been any more sheepishly excited, since I honestly had not expected to get one.

But what to do with it? I’m more than waist-deep in my home console backlogs. I’ve got more games than I’ll probably ever be able to get to. On top of that, I’ve previously stated my opinions on mobile gaming for those of us who don’t spend time on public transportation or in places where a handheld gaming device would come in handy; in essence, that I play games when at home, and as such prefer my entertainment center over a handheld. However, I’m glad to report that my new 3DS has found a place in my gaming regimen, and introduced me to a whole new genre of games (new to me, at least)!

DS Bedtime Stories

One of the advantages to being late to the DS party is that the little system’s had quite a bit of time to build up a respectable library of games. While I’ve purchased various titles this year, trying out a little of this and a lot of that, I find my handheld most at home with the adventure genre, especially those of the visual novel variety. My buddy Shaan suggested I try out 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. This led to its sequel Zero Escape. And of course both the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton franchises have multiple games each already released, with more still to come. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Rarely does a day go by that I’m not laying in bed at the end of the night, all my other business wrapped up, lights out, and reach over to the nightstand for at least a few minutes of handheld adventure gaming. It’s become a cherished part of my routine. A night almost doesn’t feel complete if I’m not throwing around a few ‘Objection!’s in Phoenix Wright‘s courtroom. Whereas I go through the rest of the day without touching the device, as evening approaches I catch myself eagerly looking forward to letting the 3DS help me relax in bed at the end of my day.

And help me relax it does! There’s something very soothing about a dark room and the glow of a DS. Or perhaps it’s just that I generally choose games with a light tone, conducive to welcoming impending sleep. So my play sessions typically don’t last more than 10-15 minutes. As such, it can literally take me a month or two (maybe longer) to get through a single text-heavy visual novel. But all the better; by purchasing two or three games at once, I can ostensibly have my nightly gaming squared away for the next six months!

Now, as I’m writing this, it’s nearing midnight, and I haven’t had my handheld gaming fix. I’ve just collected a bunch of new clues in Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, and I’d like to get into the courtroom and prove my case. So if you’ll excuse me; my stylus is calling my name. Good night!


2 thoughts on “DS Bedtime Stories

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the DS library. I remember when we all ran through 999 for a podcast, and it still remains one of my favorite DS games. I often recommend it to friends, and I just gave it as a birthday gift. The sequel is even better in some ways!

    And yes, you got to catch up on Layton and Phoenix Wright 😀

    • Liked Zero Escape, but I fell victim to the game-breaking save game bug, and it didn’t happen until I was about 2 or 3 plotlines away from the true ending. Took me about 40 hours to get there, and I’m not up for reinvesting that amount of time again just yet.

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