2013 Gaming Archive #30: A World of Keflings

A World of Keflings

If You Build It (and Give Away the Game For Free), They Will Come!

A World of Keflings is not the type of game I typically play. Resource gathering simulations aren’t really my cup of tea, no matter how silly the presentation. And despite the fact that my Xbox Live avatar was cast in the starring role, the graphics (and for that matter the god-awful beeping and humming that passed for dialog) would normally not have changed my opinion in any positive way whatsoever.

But Keflings was given away free as part of the “Games for Gold” promotion, so if nothing else, my son and I were at least going to give it a try. That “try” then went on to turn into a full playthrough over the course of two or three weekends.

A World of Keflings

Finally, a game that recognizes the awesomeness that is my XBLA avatar!

I gotta say, we actually ended up having some fun with it! The resource management, which at some point inevitably turns into managing the actual resource gatherers rather than the resources themselves, quickly turned into such a large task that, had I been doing it alone, I surely would have thrown in the towel. There was such a bustle trying to set up Keflings to harvest the resource, other Keflings to run deliveries to the mills or processing plants or what have you, and still other ones to run in between two shops to upgrade materials so that it could finally be used for construction. It was very easy to lose track of what was going on, and we frequently changed workers from one job to another, simply because we lacked the personnel to do everything we wanted all at once.

A World of Keflings

Gathering resources and building up your Kefling’s city can get pretty hectic.

It actually got to the point where I looked forward to the two of us sitting on the couch to play some Keflings! There was something very relaxing about it. Well, at least until the stress caught up with me and the disagreements about which projects to tackle next began…

Overall, I don’t see myself going back to A World of Keflings; not for the additional content and not to start all over – there’s simply too many other good games to get to. But we had some fun with it, which I’m more than satisfied with. As a single-player game, I’d recommend leaving it alone. But with the right partner in tow, there’s some relaxing fun to be had here for a short stretch.

A World of Keflings


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