The Shirt Off My Back

Poker Night 2

I may have more of an addictive personality than I’d like to realize (or admit to myself). Thanks to my good friend Marcus, I now have my first 1-year subscription to PlayStation Plus, and all the free downloads it entails. I don’t really have a large PS3 library – never owned the console long enough before it broke to warrant purchasing many games for it. In fact, after the PS2, I switched over the 360 almost exclusively. This makes the PS Plus service all the better for me, as it really gives me a chance to beef up my back catalog with some classics I’ve never gotten a chance to own or play. (It’s just too bad that I have such a large collection of 360 games, as this means I already own many of the multi-platform releases that pop up, like BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2.)

Along with DMC, one of my first orders of business was to download a copy of Poker Night 2. And let me tell you: I have been playing (and losing) my ass off! More than once have I had to cancel plans to do some chores around the house or go to bed at a humanly reasonable hour, due to the “Just one more hand!” phenomenon that quickly sets in with this game!

I have found, however, that I am simply not a very good poker player. With the $20K buy-in each round, it didn’t take long before I was approaching half a mil in the hole. In fact, I’ve been out of the red only once since I started playing. At this point, I’ve earned almost every trophy and completed all challenges, all while solidly staying in debt to the house. Thank god I didn’t wait to play some real-stakes poker online to find this out! I am slowly getting better; I’ve almost dug myself out of the hole now, and can soon start actually making some fake money.

I do wish I could turn off the voice chatter of my fellow players. While the conversation between Brock Samson, Ash Williams (who I swear is voiced by Bruce Campbell; that’s a damn good imitation!), Claptrap, Sam, and GLaDOS is varied and entertaining for a long time, and I’m even now still hearing some things for the first time. But on the other end of the spectrum, you do hear some things an awful lot; I was forced to sit through Claptrap’s “Boobies!” routine no less than three times during a single tournament at one point!

Anyway, just a small complaint in exchange for a hell of a good, addicting time! If you’re looking for me online, you’ll surely find me at cashier’s window, begging for more house credit.


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