Backlog Redux 2014 #7 – South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge

Tenorman's Revenge

Roshambo, Once Again!

Knee-deep in sewage and alien anal probes in the console RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth, a not-so-curious thing happened to me last weekend. Looking for something to occupy my attention for a brief time, and not being in the mood for any of the games I was currently playing, I decided to extend my South Park experience by firing up the platformer, Tenorman’s Revenge. Having gotten close to finishing it a few years back when I reviewed it for BNBGAMING, I figured it was time I laid the remaining levels of this game to rest.

Tenorman's Revenge

Probably my favorite level; early on in the game, things still seem fun and fancy-free!

Turns out I had further to go than I realized. Picking up right where I left off, and damn any chance for the plot to make a fluid, smooth connection in my memory, in Heaven with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, I still had a colorful trip through Heaven, Hell, the jungles of Peru, and Cartman’s Chili Con Carnival ahead of me.

Now before both of you reading this accuse me of coming up with my previous verdict before ever having seen the entire game, let me assure you that there is nothing in the second half of it that would have swayed my opinion one way or the other. I ended up taking the remaining content on pretty much in one sitting, as the difficulty didn’t greatly increase at any point. Even the final boss was kind of a pushover, though I appreciate the subtle-as-a-wrecking-ball comedy of having to kick him in his increasingly swollen robotic sack to defeat him!

Tenorman's Revenge

Prepare to double over in sympathetic pain as you whack this guy in his lug nuts.

With very little reason to change my mind about the game – if you enjoyed the first four levels, you’ll enjoy the rest – my opinion stands. The game is a solid platformer, though it doesn’t exactly revolutionize the genre or push the envelope in terms of challenge. Levels are large, with plenty of secret locations and pick-ups (some very cleverly hidden!) to find. My one complaint: I never felt immersed in the feel of South Park; the animation is a spot-on match to the show, the voiceovers delivered by Parker and Stone, the levels culled straight from specific episodes – but overall the humor, which gives the show its authenticity, was a bit lacking.


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