2015 By the Numbers, #12 – White Night

White Night

Instead of writing reviews for completed games as I did last year, this year I’ve decided to try a new approach. Here then are my stats, real and fictional.

– – –

General window of time I confined my playing to. For effect. You know, the witching hour.

     9pm – 1am

Approximate temperature the smooth jazz soundtrack heated things up to


Journals found and newspaper clippings assembled


Times I glanced uncomfortably around my dark living room while playing, sure I’d actually heard something out there.

     Half a dozen

Times I actually got up and found a new spot to sit, ‘cos I didn’t like my odds with my back to a pitch-black room while playing!

     The other half dozen

Surprisingly robust play time

     9 hours

Achievements earned


Colors used for 99.5% of the game, and to great effect.


– – –

Check out every nail-biting shiver I endured in my full review of White Night over at AdventureGamers.com!


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