2015 By the Numbers, #28 – Hohokum


Instead of writing reviews for completed games as I did last year, this year I’ve decided to try a new approach. Here then are my stats, real and fictional.

– – –

Total Playtime

⇒     7:22:48


⇒     57%

“Eyes” opened

⇒     141/146

Fellow snakes discovered (if “snakes” they be)

⇒     All of them

Zen level after playing for an hour or so

⇒     108

Interest level to crack each zone’s goal and “story”

⇒     Surprisingly high

Where Hohokum rates on my personal weirdness scale

⇒     Pretty high, probably still second to Doki-Doki Universe

Does this settle the whole “Are games art?” debate?

⇒     Unlikely



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