2015 By the Numbers, #38 – The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales

Instead of writing reviews for completed games as I did last year, this year I’ve decided to try a new approach. Here then are my stats, real and fictional.

– – –

Total play time

⇒     20 hours, over the course of several months, though it seemed easily twice that

Steam achievements unlocked

⇒     Zero

Fun factor

⇒     5 out of 5 Paladin High Heels

Recorded lines of dialog

⇒     Probably a thousand

Unexpected (but awesome) time-loop scenarios

⇒     One

Playable characters

⇒     3, not counting cameos and space-time anomalies

Language not included in North American release, though I wish it were

⇒     The game’s original language, German


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