2013 Gaming Archive #13: Mass Effect 3

Defying all the controversy Mass Effect 3 garnered when it first released, the game served me well as a near-perfect bookend to a magnificent trilogy. Continue reading


2013 Gaming Archive

#1 – The Walking Dead, Episode 1  (1/1/13) #2 – Darksiders II  (1/13/13) #3 – Lego Pirates of the Caribbean  (1/27/13) #4 – Professor Layton and the Curious Village  (3/25/13) #5 – Dead Space 3  (3/10/13) #6 – Portal 2  (3/26/13) #7 – Final Fantasy XIII  (4/7/13) #8 – Prototype 2  (4/12/13) #9 – BioShock … Continue reading

Gaming Podcasts

Recorded with and featuring appearances by some of the, in my humble opinion, best up-and-coming writers and bloggers in games journalism from all across the globe, these podcasts are what you get when we got together and sat down to talk games and simply have a good time. We’re bringing sexy back. You can thank … Continue reading

Top 5: Badasses

Sure, we love when things are neat and tidy. But when the tea party’s over and the horseys are back in their stable, you know what we really love? Badass video game characters! Continue reading

Top 5: Game Songs

Graphics can wow us, gameplay keeps us interested, but it’s the music we find in games that lets us connect to them on the rawest, most emotional level. Here are our own personal top lists of video game songs. Continue reading