The Appeal of Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks

Cult or Cut?

I’m a couple of decades late to the Twin Peaks party. Which, I gotta say, having watched the first dozen-and-a-half episodes, is entirely okay. After spending a childhood hearing the words “Twin Peaks” used in suggestive ways or to describe the All-American Murder Mystery, I was expecting a lewd mix of the two when I started watching this show.

What I got was – oh boy – so much more than that! Or less. I’m not really sure. Continue reading


Blowin’ Smaug Up Our Asses

Why An Unexpected Journey Was Superior to The Desolation of Smaug

The verdicts – or reviews – are in: Based on everything I’ve read or heard, from critics to the average movie-goer alike, The Desolation of Smaug takes last year’s “inferior” Unexpected Journey and builds upon it in every way, finally delivering, or at least getting closer to, what audiences expected.

The film seems to have won over both professional and amateur critics, earning a 75% ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to the original movie’s 65%. IMDB appraised Smaug with a metascore of 66/100, whereas Journey only earned a paltry 58/100 (though, interestingly, the user reviews on both aforementioned sites are remarkably similar for the two movies, different only by one-tenth of a percent). Various reviews laud the second film as “more tightly paced and action-oriented than its predecessor” and “even more entertaining”, and the Huffington Post commands its readers, “For the love of whatever you consider holy or hold dear, if you love fantasy or even just like it, GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW.” Sounds convincing.

So why do I feel so utterly unimpressed by this sequel, when I can (and have) watch and rewatch the first part of the trilogy again and again, and come away with a far greater degree of movie-going satisfaction? Continue reading

Tough as Nails: Puddle

Puddle is Tough as Nails

Making a Splash

We’ve all played your physics-based games in the past. Your sports games with realistic ball movement and speed. Your shooters that feature unparalleled ragdoll animation, with dead opponents flying in great wide arcs through gaming space. Platformers that let you play with and manipulate the pull of gravity, and puzzlers that let you bend the laws of space itself, traveling seamlessly from one point to another through neon-colored ovals of energy. Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 22: No Games For You!

PodBytes Episode 22

The Podcast About Games, Now With Fewer Games!

We gathered to record a gaming podcast. We promise. We really did! But we think we, like the remainder of the world, are allowed an ADD moment every now and then. Here’s the result of our random ramblings, and if you listen closely, you just may hear a game being mentioned here and there – they sneak in, those cheeky devils! Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 17: Mines, Dragons, and Star Wars…Oh My!

Shotglass Chess

From the Ashes…

After a brief hiatus – and by “brief”, we mean several months of site redesign, staff changes, and a complete retooling of our features -, the ol’ BNBGAMING crew is back with a brand new episode of PodBytes! Listen in as we kick off an easy-going conversation about our favorite pastime, and see where it takes us. Continue reading

Top 5: Game Songs

Top Game Songs


A lot of attention is generally paid to a video game’s graphics – people want to know whether the newest AAA title is taking full advantage of the system’s graphics hardware, and how well game developers can narrow the Uncanny Valley. Fair enough; gaming is, after all, a visual medium (the term video in itself being a strong indicator). Continue reading