Friday Roundtable: Nintendo’s Online (De)generation?

Nintendo Online

Going Digital

Nintendo has revealed to its shareholders and the public what it views as a bold and daring foray into the digital games market, at long last making a big push to take a slice of the digital pie away from its competitors. But, in true Nintendo fashion, the games giant isn’t content to simply copy the tried-and-true distribution model of others, adopting instead a plan that offers more choices to the consumer and seemingly hands over the reins to retail merchants. But is this move what it seems on the surface? Does Nintendo deserve applause for taking the road less traveled, or are they simply re-inventing the wheel? Continue reading

Friday Roundtable: Treyarch’s Black Ops 2 Announcement

Future of CoD

The Future Is Now

Treyarch has taken the next logical step in its flagship franchise’s evolution. Call of Duty has been to the past, it’s done the present…with the official unveiling of Black Ops 2, the long-running series will finally make the leap into the future. Continue reading

Friday Roundtable: Consoles Putting the Smack Down on Used Games

No More Used Games?

A Nuclear Dawn Approaches

Rumors are flying, stories are swirling about, and speculation is at an all-time high: What will Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles bring? What sort of horsepower will be under the hood of these as-yet-unrevealed behemoths of gaming power? How will they change and improve the online gaming infrastructure? Recently, a new query has been added to the mire of predictions, as sources within the industry have given light to the claims that all or some next-gen systems may “go nuclear”, doing away with support for used games across the board. Continue reading

Friday Roundtable: Face Off: The Western RPG vs the JRPG


Random Encounter

It’s been a long and hard road for video games to move out of the dark recesses of dimly lit cafeteria corner tables and basement hobby rooms into the societal spotlight they enjoy today. Of all video game genres, the one most often associated with nerds and socially awkward individuals would have to be the role-playing game. Continue reading

Friday Roundtable: Are Games Being Dumbed Down?

Are Games Being Dumbed Down?

Uphill in the Snow, Both Ways

Some of us (relatively) old fogies like to shake our fists and bemoan the way the times, they are a-changin’. According to our campfire stories, the early days of gaming were a time when gamers still had honor, simple two-button controls were superior, and games were still back-breakingly difficult, “the way it should be”. Continue reading