PodBytes – Episode 23: It’s Time to Play a Game


Mr. Anderson…No, Wrong Movie…

In light of our last, slightly-less-gaming-focused podcast, we thought we’d make it up to you, the listeners, by not only staying true to our passion of gaming in our discussion this week, but even taking it one step further and actually playing a game live as we record. Introducing our latest segment, BNB Sporcle. You’re welcome, world. Continue reading


PodBytes – Episode 22: No Games For You!

PodBytes Episode 22

The Podcast About Games, Now With Fewer Games!

We gathered to record a gaming podcast. We promise. We really did! But we think we, like the remainder of the world, are allowed an ADD moment every now and then. Here’s the result of our random ramblings, and if you listen closely, you just may hear a game being mentioned here and there – they sneak in, those cheeky devils! Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 21: Hoorah for Ouya!

PodBytes Episode 21 - Hoorah for Ouya!

The Revolution Will Be Televised

A lot of buzz has been floating around the ether during the last week, concerning the Kickstarter campaign of a recently-announced console, the Ouya. Dubbed as the “developer’s console”, this Android-based system purports to make game development a cinch, and promises to focus much of its gaming catalog on free-to-play games. Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 19: Too Young for the Blue Pills

PodBytes Episode 19

After the Storm

Off of the back of the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game industry has been slightly quieter than usual, with less groundbreaking news announcements and press releases than normal; all beans have only recently been spilled.

Far from resting on our laurels, the staff at BNBGAMING has taken this momentary lull to catch up on some much-needed gaming. In this podcast, a few of us have gotten together to discuss with each other (and let you in on) what’s been going on in our personal game-a-spheres. Join us as we discuss the truly important things, such as why we prefer our dragon-and-magic-stuffed medieval RPGs to be as realistic as possible, why we think the recent trend toward “screamo metal” in JRPGs is an ill-conceived move, the OJ trial, and the psychotherapeutic uses of video games. Continue reading

PodBytes – E3 2012 Special

PodBytes E3 2012 Special


E3 has wrapped; the Los Angeles Convention Center has closed its doors to game developers, publishers, and the journalistic mass circus that comes with it all each year. As the cleaning crews sweep in (pun only slightly intended), gamers begin the eager anticipatory wait until they can get their hands on the tantalizing goods that have just been unveiled to the world.

But not everything is said and done. In the wake of press announcements, trailers, and plenty of pomp and circumstance, information must be digested, claims must be dissected, and promises analyzed. Continue reading