A Steamy Christmas Tradition

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Christmas may, in fact, be my favorite holiday. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about and rating holidays, but even though I enjoy the hell out of Halloween, I get really excited each year around December. The decorations, the music (to a degree), the “cold” weather we get in Florida, the general cheery goodness. Continue reading

Comeback in a Half Shell?


Back in the Saddle

I was born in 1980.

That statement in and of itself is of no particular relevance to the rest of this story, but it does mean that I so happened to be at just the right age to be into the TMNT craze of the late ’80s/early ’90s. REALLY into it. Not that it was the only franchise my young heart latched onto, but the Turtles were somehow more enthralling, more accessible to me, and easily deserved a cherished place in my young adolescence. I didn’t come along as a fan until the cartoon series was up and rolling, so I was unaware of the grittier comic book roots of my four favorite heroes for a long time, but between the cartoon, action figures, and movie series (even, surprisingly, TMNT III) I was hooked for life. Continue reading

Guilty Pleasure: He-Man & the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Yes, I’m In My 30s. And Watch Cartoons.

Here’s something I take plenty of crap for. On a regular basis. And yet it’s not my fault that Netflix makes it so damn easy to rewatch some of my favorite childhood cartoons and TV shows. And – honestly – the ’80s rocked in that regard. Anybody in my situation would do the same. Right? (In case my girlfriend reads this, yes, I know it’s all just good-natured teasing.) But whenever the mood strikes me, I pay homage to some classics, and I’ve recently been able to get my son interested in catching up on them with me! Inevitably, this all lead to me checking out He-Man & the Masters of the Universe – both the original and the 2002 remake.

Here, I’ve decided to recount the pros and cons (and any other random things I want) of the reboot, having watched the first two seasons and currently being in the middle of the third, and final, season. So, without further ado and in no particular order, here goes. Continue reading

Trying to Be a Good Sport

PES 2014

A Sporting Chance

I just watched my first soccer match in, oh, at least 20 years or so. As a child, I used to live and breathe soccer; growing up in Germany, it was more or less ingrained in me. I grew out of it when I moved to the States in the early around 1990 or so. But the World Cup is currently underway, and I ended up watching the last 10-15 minutes of the England-Italy match.

That’s all it took.

Apparently, soccer is just part of my genetic make-up, and I can’t simply shrug it off like a coat I’ve outgrown. I ended up staying for the entirety of the Japan-Ivory Coast match, cheering along spiritedly, balling my fists and gritting my teeth as one team scored or another had some near misses, even though I’ve not followed the sport in over two decades and didn’t know either team from Jack. But I’m back in the saddle now, and we’ve already made plans to watch the upcoming Germany games in earnest.

Now if I could only get this excited about playing soccer on my PS3. Continue reading

The Appeal of Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks

Cult or Cut?

I’m a couple of decades late to the Twin Peaks party. Which, I gotta say, having watched the first dozen-and-a-half episodes, is entirely okay. After spending a childhood hearing the words “Twin Peaks” used in suggestive ways or to describe the All-American Murder Mystery, I was expecting a lewd mix of the two when I started watching this show.

What I got was – oh boy – so much more than that! Or less. I’m not really sure. Continue reading

The Perfect South Park Game Experience?

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Now This Is What I’ve Been Waiting For in a South Park Game!

I won’t claim I know every South Park game that’s ever come out on the market (though there probably aren’t all that many). I used to have that crappy N64 game, which was nothing more than an awful turkey shooter, from what I remember – but hey, it was three-dimensional, which was new at the time, and offered a chance (an extremely limited chance!) to explore the town of South Park in three dimensions, which was more lifelike than the show, which was also pretty new at the time. More recently I had the chance to play Tenorman’s Revenge when I reviewed it on XBLA. I liked Tenorman’s Revenge, and it was plainly obvious that it was a game more in tune with the sensibilities of the show, which is to say stuffed full of politically incorrect, crass toilet humor. But the tone was right, and in a franchise known primarily for its edgy humor, that’s what matters.

But all of that has now been literally blown out of the water with the recent release of South Park: The Stick of Truth! Continue reading