The Appeal of Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks

Cult or Cut?

I’m a couple of decades late to the Twin Peaks party. Which, I gotta say, having watched the first dozen-and-a-half episodes, is entirely okay. After spending a childhood hearing the words “Twin Peaks” used in suggestive ways or to describe the All-American Murder Mystery, I was expecting a lewd mix of the two when I started watching this show.

What I got was – oh boy – so much more than that! Or less. I’m not really sure. Continue reading


Top 5: Game Songs

Top Game Songs


A lot of attention is generally paid to a video game’s graphics – people want to know whether the newest AAA title is taking full advantage of the system’s graphics hardware, and how well game developers can narrow the Uncanny Valley. Fair enough; gaming is, after all, a visual medium (the term video in itself being a strong indicator). Continue reading

Review: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (360)

Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review

Print Is Dead

How do you create the follow-up to one of 2010’s most atmospheric horror titles without breaking a winning formula or re-inventing the wheel? Based on Remedy’s new addition to the Alan Wake universe, you take familiar gameplay, combine it with new, less exciting locales, and set it against a superb musical soundscape that’s crippled by some spotty supporting voicework, then attempt to tie everything together with a plot that stems from a good idea, but ultimately comes off as forced and uninteresting. Continue reading

Top 5: Scares

Top 5 Scary Games


Horror games appeal to a very specific subset of gamers. Even a gritty thriller tingles the hairs on the back of your neck in a way that can only be appreciated by some of us. While those who prefer a more benign experience scoff in derision, we crave the build-up of terror in a game as much as in a good book or movie. Continue reading

Things That Go Bump in the Night – The Truth Behind Survival-Horror Games

Survival Horror

A Gradual Metamorphosis

It’s a fact:  when I actually attend a movie theater nowadays, it’s to see either an action or horror movie, and even then the odds are that I’ll pick a blood-and-gore fest over an action flick by a wide margin.  I honestly don’t see a reason to spend my admission dollars to see a romantic comedy or an emotion-drenched drama.  Movie theaters are capable of delivering the kind of immersive experience to the viewer that naturally lends itself to the endorphin rushes and pulse-pounding moments of these particular genres.  The same has begun to become more and more a reality in the realm of video games. Continue reading