2013 Gaming Archive #22: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate

Castlevania Mirror of Fate

[Insert Devo Reference Here]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow seems to be one of those Love It/Hate It type of games; I’ve heard an equal amount of praise heaped on it as hate leveled at it. I guess being a 3D iteration of a beloved series that has its roots deep in side-scrolling action, that type of split in the fanbase is liable to happen. Personally, I fall into the former camp; while I at first found the departure from the Castlevania I am so familiar with to be rather jarring, the sheer…epicness?…epicicity?…epicality? really won me over, and by the end I was a fan! Continue reading


PodBytes – Episode 18: FF, E3, and Other Ms

PodBytes Episode 18

Students of Gaming History

E3 is wrapping up for another year, and has once again covered ground in showing us all the future, both near and far, of gaming. But here at BNBGAMING, some of the team just can’t be bothered with newfangled progress, and would rather spend time dwelling in the Dark Ages of the video game industry. Continue reading

Less Whips, More Chains…Oh, and an Awesome Castlevania to Boot! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Lords of Shadow Review

An Identity Crisis

For quite a while, I had been contemplating purchasing a copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadowfor the 360. I’ve been playing the series since the NES and GameBoy days, off and on, and it’s one of those series that will always interest me with a new installment. Continue reading

Top 5: Videogame Weapons

Top 5 Weapons

Pew! Pew!

As gamers, all of us know that feeling of grinding for hours just to get that one more weapon upgrade, or the thrill of felling a brutally tough foe with over-the-top firepower. Continue reading