Backlog Redux 2014 #24 – Metro: Last Light

Metro Last Light

A Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m not exactly First-Person Shooter Guy. Sure, I’ve played a few, and have even enjoyed some. But in order for that to happen, it pretty much needs to be a FPS with a hell of a story – I’m willing to sink time into a good plot, and completely stay away from the online, COD-type arena as a rule.

Well, a good story is exactly what I got with 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light when it was given out to subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service some months ago. Continue reading


Review: Risen 2: Dark Waters (360/PS3)

Risen 2 Logo

Dead Man’s Chest

One might think that the general Pirates fever of recent years might have died away a bit since the release of the fourth movie last year, especially since films five and six are still in talks for back-to-back shooting (must be the new “in” thing). However, German developer Piranha Bytes and publisher Deep Silver have hedged their bets that this isn’t the case…with regrettable results. What they’ve delivered sounds like an RPG player’s dream-come-true on paper (and, indeed, showcases many praiseworthy elements), but is ultimately brought to sink upon the jagged and treacherous reef of some questionable design decisions like an unlucky schooner out at sea. Continue reading

Review: Dead Island: Ryder White DLC (360/PS3/PC)

Dead Island Ryder White Review

Welcome (Back) to the Jungle

Opinions about Techland and Deep Silver’s zombie horror melee extravaganza were already formed last year when the game proper released. In the intervening months, gaming audiences have had the chance to explore the zombie-infested island paradise to great length, including the recent lackluster Bloodbath Arena DLC pack. Continue reading

Review: Dead Island (360, PS3, PC)

Dead Island Review

(Un)Holy Union

Deep Silver’s action take on the zombie game sub-genre received many raised eyebrows with its unique and emotional reverse-timeline trailer earlier this year. Immediately, fans of the undead began eagerly anticipating the game, sweaty-palmed and salivating, while those who had had their fill of shuffling/sprinting corpses shook their heads in quiet (and sometimes not-so-quiet) capitulation. Continue reading