BNBGAMING’s Top “Oh Shit!” Moments

Oh Shit! Moments

That’s a Mouthful!

Any game, any genre, any developer likely hopes to attain that one pure moment of unadulterated enjoyment among its audience, that one moment when you, the gamer, forget everything around you, and just can’t hold back a loud shout of profanity, because simply nothing else will suffice to express your pent-up admiration for the game in front of you. Sometimes, when lengthy soliloquies just don’t do the trick, a simple “Oh Shit!” says so much. Continue reading

Top 5: Frustrating Moments

Top 5 Frustrating Moments

Tough Luck

Some games are tough, some are easy. And then we have those games that just absolutely make you want to wrap that controller cord into a noose and end your suffering the manly way. Continue reading

Top 5: Sidekicks

Top 5 Sidekicks

You Got a Friend in Me

The games that we love best are packed to the brim with larger-than-life heroes of every sort and walk of life; from steel-nerved space captains to secret agents and spies on Her Majesty’s payroll, from musically inclined elf boys to chubby plumbers. But what about the unsung heroes without whose aid and assistance no heroic deeds would ever come to pass? Continue reading

A Tale of Two Endings: A Completionist’s Dilemma

Completionist's Dilemma

Level 1-1

The ’80s. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. What a great time to grow into a life of gaming! The predominant mainstays of home videogame entertainment were the NES and Genesis, unless you were willing to travel to the local arcade to trade saved-up allowance dollars for change to feed the ever-hungry coin-operated game machines (or, in my case, the local laundromat and 7-11 of the dusty Texas town I lived in). Continue reading