2013 Gaming Archive #7: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

History Lesson

It’s next to impossible for me to discussĀ Final Fantasy XIII at any length without going into my history with the series at least a little. But once I cut into that particular subject, there’s an excellent chance the entire article will just get completely derailed. So I promise I’ll try to keep it brief. Continue reading

Celebration of Games: The Music of Final Fantasy VI


Retro Maestro

The tones of Square’s 1994 16-bit RPG masterpiece Final Fantasy VI contributed toward my then 13-year old self going down the irreversible path from gaming fan to true gamer in more ways than I could at the time have guessed or predicted. Long-time series composer Nobuo Uematsu, with this soundtrack’s purely instrumental chiptune music, managed to reach such a multitude of emotional highs and poignant lows that, to this day, it still stands as a crowning achievement of his own career, and a milestone in video game music in general. Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 23: It’s Time to Play a Game


Mr. Anderson…No, Wrong Movie…

In light of our last, slightly-less-gaming-focused podcast, we thought we’d make it up to you, the listeners, by not only staying true to our passion of gaming in our discussion this week, but even taking it one step further and actually playing a game live as we record. Introducing our latest segment, BNB Sporcle. You’re welcome, world. Continue reading

BNBGAMING’s Top Video Game Dorks

Top Video Game Dorks

Bottom of the Food Chain

The games industry produces a never-ending stream of games chock-full of the manliest, muscle-bound macho beefcake, the toughest space marines packing a Star Destroyer’s worth of firepower, and armor-clad knights of the realm, ready to lay down life and limb in defense of chaste princesses. We like games full of action and explosions, so it’s a necessary evil.

But then there are those moments when the above formula just goes completely off the rails, whether intentionally or through some misguided train-wreck of a design decision, and we suddenly find ourselves faced with the weirdest, whiniest, and dorkiest bunch of characters this side of the final Harry Potter movie’s midnight showing. That’s not to say we don’t love them; whether serving as all-important comic relief in otherwise blasted landscapes or being the most memorable feature in what could have been an otherwise bland game, the loveable losers of gaming are as important as any characters. For this reason, today we honor the freaks and geeks of gaming. Enjoy! Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 19: Too Young for the Blue Pills

PodBytes Episode 19

After the Storm

Off of the back of the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game industry has been slightly quieter than usual, with less groundbreaking news announcements and press releases than normal; all beans have only recently been spilled.

Far from resting on our laurels, the staff at BNBGAMING has taken this momentary lull to catch up on some much-needed gaming. In this podcast, a few of us have gotten together to discuss with each other (and let you in on) what’s been going on in our personal game-a-spheres. Join us as we discuss the truly important things, such as why we prefer our dragon-and-magic-stuffed medieval RPGs to be as realistic as possible, why we think the recent trend toward “screamo metal” in JRPGs is an ill-conceived move, the OJ trial, and the psychotherapeutic uses of video games. Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 18: FF, E3, and Other Ms

PodBytes Episode 18

Students of Gaming History

E3 is wrapping up for another year, and has once again covered ground in showing us all the future, both near and far, of gaming. But here at BNBGAMING, some of the team just can’t be bothered with newfangled progress, and would rather spend time dwelling in the Dark Ages of the video game industry. Continue reading