2015 By the Numbers, #6 – Bulletstorm


Instead of writing reviews for completed games as I did last year, this year I’ve decided to try a new approach. Here then are my stats, real and fictional. Continue reading


Backlog Redux 2014 #39 – Borderlands


More Like Bore-derlands

You know that moment when a game goes from fun and enjoyable to a chore, bugging you to finish it lest it continue to be a stain on your ever-growing backlog. “Ok fine, I guess I’ll try to play Borderlands again. *sigh*” That’s what Gearbox’s open-world FPS turned into for me. Continue reading

Backlog Redux 2014 #24 – Metro: Last Light

Metro Last Light

A Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m not exactly First-Person Shooter Guy. Sure, I’ve played a few, and have even enjoyed some. But in order for that to happen, it pretty much needs to be a FPS with a hell of a story – I’m willing to sink time into a good plot, and completely stay away from the online, COD-type arena as a rule.

Well, a good story is exactly what I got with 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light when it was given out to subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service some months ago. Continue reading

2013 Gaming Archive #23: F.E.A.R.


Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself…and Horrendous Audio, Apparently

When you have a game called F.E.A.R., there’s pretty much just one thing you expect the game to do. I mean, were a game called F.U.N. or D.U.L.L., I would certainly assume that I knew what I was getting into before I ever even started it. On that front, I suppose F.E.A.R. was a successful game (though it would have been more appropriate to call it simply C.R.E.E.P.Y.) The darkness in the game was so pervasive that it had a great gloomy mood throughout, and a few choice sections did manage to chase a cold chill right down my spine. Continue reading

2013 Gaming Archive #15: BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite

The Real District of Columbia

Expectations in the industry were high when Ken Levine returned to the BioShock stable to head up the third installment, after having opted out of the corporately-churned-out BioShock 2 back in 2010. Understandably so. Sequelitis ran rampant when players returned to Rapture for a second outing, and it was formula over substance all the way. But with Levine back at the helm, great things were set to happen as players took to the skies and explored the floating city of Columbia, in a game whose ideas felt as fresh and wondrous to me as my original trip under the sea. Continue reading

2013 Gaming Archive #9: BioShock 2

BioShock 2

Not Quite the Rapture It Was Supposed to Be

It’s human nature: When we get a good thing, we want more of it; when we’re enjoying something immensely, we don’t want it to end. A stirring movie, an engrossing book, a band that resonated deeply with us, delectable foods – why choose to end gratification when we’re in the middle of it? If something satisfies an itch we have, keep it coming, and laissez les bons temps rouler!  Continue reading