2015 By the Numbers, #56 – Frankenstein: Master of Death

Frankenstein: Master of Death

Instead of writing reviews for completed games as I did last year, this year I’ve decided to try a new approach. Here then are my stats, real and fictional. Continue reading


2013 Gaming Archive #29: Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

I Bet You Were Expecting a ‘Nevermore’ Tagline…

Meh. A hidden object puzzler on the DS. Not a particularly great fit, given the smaller screen size of the system, though I can understand that the budget of these titles might lend itself better to handheld systems than home consoles. And, to be honest, a HOG is pretty much what I was hoping for when I went digging in the value bin at my game store. They’re not my favorite genre – I’ve reviewed quite a number of them when writing for BNBGaming and continue to be involved with them at AdventureGamers – but I don’t hate them. In fact, they can be charming and intriguing, if done right. But this day I was looking for a game for my girlfriend, who is more into seek-n-finds than I am. Ironically, I am the one who ultimately picked it up and played it, and it wasn’t quite the diamond-in-the-rough experience I was hoping it would be. Continue reading

Review: Eternal Journey: New Atlantis (PC)


Space, the Lost Frontier

It’s far from a secret: Alawar Entertainment have certainly stumbled upon a winning formula for their hidden object adventures, and consequently each new title, while not exactly innovating, certainly meets the mark to please fans of the genre. Eternal Journey: New Atlantis is no different; in fact, credit needs to be given to the design team for going a bit beyond the call of duty and adding some much-appreciated scientific depth and explanations, where other games would simply expect the audience to swallow improbable settings and events wholesale. Continue reading

Review: Snark Busters: High Society (PC)

Snark Busters 3 Review

[Insert Snarky Comment Here]

Last week, Alawar Entertainment released the third entry in the Snark Busters hidden-object adventure series, subtitled High Society. Like its two predecessors, High Society is essentially a stand-alone experience, though it features a handful of slight nods to the other games in the franchise. The gameplay has been changed up a bit as well, due presumably to a change in Stargaze Studios, its in-house developer’s, lineup. Continue reading