Backlog Redux 2014 #13 – Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel


At this point, playing a new Lego game, whatever the franchise, has sadly become an exercise in rote gameplay, somewhat stale and often humorless. Where I once thought there was still a certain freshness – certainly a large dose of comedy – to be found in these installments, the last few entries have become more and more paint-by-the-numbers, starting with the introduction of voice-overs and a ramping up of the frequency of individual releases. Marvel Super Heroes offers a lot of – admittedly the same – content, but doesn’t do anything to reinvent or reinvigorate the pretty stale formula. Continue reading

Review: Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles (360/PS3)

Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles Review

A Tentative Partnership

Avengers fever is currently gripping the globe, and rightfully so. In the wake of the movie’s financial success, get ready for the slew of novelizations, animated features, board games and McDonald’s Happy Meal toy lines to all cash in on this hot franchise. Quite unsurprisingly, the video game world is reacting with its own Avengers-themed content, with Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2 title being one of the first to receive heaps of new goodness. Continue reading

Review: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue (360/PS3)

Marvel Pinball V&V Review

To Tilt or Not to Tilt?

Zen Studios’ excellent Marvel-themed console pinball title, Marvel Pinball, had already received much critical acclaim and positive reception from gamers when it simply included the initial run of pinball tables, featuring the likes of Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Blade. Continue reading