2015 By the Numbers, #41 – Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution

Instead of writing reviews for completed games as I did last year, this year I’ve decided to try a new approach. Here then are my stats, real and fictional. Continue reading


Backlog Redux 2014 #19 – The Maw

The Maw

Nom Noms

I fear that my write-up of Twisted Pixel Games’ The Maw will likely be as brief as the game itself, which took only about a day or so to fully complete, and another day at most to go back and earn some of the previously missed achievements. However, that sentence should not in the slightest be interpreted to mean that The Maw is low quality or not worth the trouble; it’s simply a very brief, family-friendly game – more of a diversion, really – that does what it sets out to do: provide some enjoyment and a few chuckles for a short amount of time. Continue reading

Backlog Redux 2014 #7 – South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge

Tenorman's Revenge

Roshambo, Once Again!

Knee-deep in sewage and alien anal probes in the console RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth, a not-so-curious thing happened to me last weekend. Looking for something to occupy my attention for a brief time, and not being in the mood for any of the games I was currently playing, I decided to extend my South Park experience by firing up the platformer, Tenorman’s Revenge. Having gotten close to finishing it a few years back when I reviewed it for BNBGAMING, I figured it was time I laid the remaining levels of this game to rest. Continue reading

Backlog Redux 2014 #1: Limbo


Limbo Redux

I’ve restarted Limbo about three times now. Each time I sit down to play it, I get about 15 or 20 minutes into it, and then stop. It’s not because it’s too spooky (though it is, plenty!) but somehow I just always seem to have other pressing matters to attend to, and don’t get much further than the first appearance of the spider. This time, though, I stuck with it, and in the space of a few hours spread over the afternoon of January 1st, I ran through the game in its entirety. I think I get what some of the hubbub about this game was all about…kind of. Continue reading

2013 Gaming Archive #31: Sine Mora

Sine Mora

Not Your Father’s Bullet Hell

I honestly did not think I would be going back to Sine Mora ever again. Not because it was bad or not worthy of playing more; quite the opposite. In my initial review, I had some quite glowing things to say about the game! But I don’t feel that bullet hell shoot-’em-ups are my strong suit, and as I seem to remember, I thought I’d gotten as far as I could get in Sine Mora.

Sometimes, a fresh positive attitude and enough time passed to forget how difficult something was can do wonders. Continue reading