The Indie Fix: StarMade

Star Made

Minecraft…in Space

Imagine taking the things that made Minecraft the smash success it is – the gathering of resources, the limitless potential to build just about anything you can dream up – and blasting these concepts right through the stratosphere…literally. Well, this is what indie game developer Robin Promesberger, a.k.a. schema is attempting to do with his space-set sandbox building game, StarMade. Continue reading


PodBytes – Episode 19: Too Young for the Blue Pills

PodBytes Episode 19

After the Storm

Off of the back of the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game industry has been slightly quieter than usual, with less groundbreaking news announcements and press releases than normal; all beans have only recently been spilled.

Far from resting on our laurels, the staff at BNBGAMING has taken this momentary lull to catch up on some much-needed gaming. In this podcast, a few of us have gotten together to discuss with each other (and let you in on) what’s been going on in our personal game-a-spheres. Join us as we discuss the truly important things, such as why we prefer our dragon-and-magic-stuffed medieval RPGs to be as realistic as possible, why we think the recent trend toward “screamo metal” in JRPGs is an ill-conceived move, the OJ trial, and the psychotherapeutic uses of video games. Continue reading

BNBGAMING’s Top “Oh Shit!” Moments

Oh Shit! Moments

That’s a Mouthful!

Any game, any genre, any developer likely hopes to attain that one pure moment of unadulterated enjoyment among its audience, that one moment when you, the gamer, forget everything around you, and just can’t hold back a loud shout of profanity, because simply nothing else will suffice to express your pent-up admiration for the game in front of you. Sometimes, when lengthy soliloquies just don’t do the trick, a simple “Oh Shit!” says so much. Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 17: Mines, Dragons, and Star Wars…Oh My!

Shotglass Chess

From the Ashes…

After a brief hiatus – and by “brief”, we mean several months of site redesign, staff changes, and a complete retooling of our features -, the ol’ BNBGAMING crew is back with a brand new episode of PodBytes! Listen in as we kick off an easy-going conversation about our favorite pastime, and see where it takes us. Continue reading

Review: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (360)

Minecraft Review

Architects, Apply Within

How do you go about reviewing a game that has already been around for three years; that millions of players have bought and spent countless hours with; that has no plot, no characters, no events to really speak of; that has literally limitless possibilities, and has earned an equal amount of love and respect from a fanbase spanning the world? Why, you review it as if you’d never heard of the game, and as if you had never played it before (which, in my case, is the 100% Continue reading