Trying to Be a Good Sport

PES 2014

A Sporting Chance

I just watched my first soccer match in, oh, at least 20 years or so. As a child, I used to live and breathe soccer; growing up in Germany, it was more or less ingrained in me. I grew out of it when I moved to the States in the early around 1990 or so. But the World Cup is currently underway, and I ended up watching the last 10-15 minutes of the England-Italy match.

That’s all it took.

Apparently, soccer is just part of my genetic make-up, and I can’t simply shrug it off like a coat I’ve outgrown. I ended up staying for the entirety of the Japan-Ivory Coast match, cheering along spiritedly, balling my fists and gritting my teeth as one team scored or another had some near misses, even though I’ve not followed the sport in over two decades and didn’t know either team from Jack. But I’m back in the saddle now, and we’ve already made plans to watch the upcoming Germany games in earnest.

Now if I could only get this excited about playing soccer on my PS3. Continue reading