PodBytes – Episode 22: No Games For You!

PodBytes Episode 22

The Podcast About Games, Now With Fewer Games!

We gathered to record a gaming podcast. We promise. We really did! But we think we, like the remainder of the world, are allowed an ADD moment every now and then. Here’s the result of our random ramblings, and if you listen closely, you just may hear a game being mentioned here and there – they sneak in, those cheeky devils! Continue reading


PodBytes – Episode 21: Hoorah for Ouya!

PodBytes Episode 21 - Hoorah for Ouya!

The Revolution Will Be Televised

A lot of buzz has been floating around the ether during the last week, concerning the Kickstarter campaign of a recently-announced console, the Ouya. Dubbed as the “developer’s console”, this Android-based system purports to make game development a cinch, and promises to focus much of its gaming catalog on free-to-play games. Continue reading