2013 Gaming Archive #6: Portal 2

Portal 2

Delayed Gratification

I intentionally had put off playing Portal 2 for a long time after its release. It wasn’t that I was waiting for review scores to convince me, its price to drop, or even that I was unsure whether I wanted to play it at all. Rather, I was biding my time, denying myself this purchase each time I passed it on a store shelf, letting the seeds of want really take root within me, building almost to a fever-pitch. Then, one day, I was ready. I made a quick trip to the store, came home, and within minutes I knew it had all been worth the wait! Continue reading


Top 5: Badasses

Top Badasses

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Some games are all about characters getting in touch with their sensitive sides. Characters who’d rather talk it out and like to play by the rules. And then there’s games that feature some absolutely full-throttle, balls-to-the-wall badasses, and are proud of it. Today, we celebrate the rebels, the characters who’ve ventured off the beaten path, the characters who kick some ass first and ask questions later. Continue reading

Gaming: The New Daytime Talk Show?

Gaming Talkshow

Let’s Ask the Studio Audience

Gaming is hitting new strides every day, not just in the types of technology available for game developers and the kinds of experiences being passed on to us gamers, but in the growing acceptance by the rest of society. Acceptance as a pastime; acceptance as an art form; acceptance as a means for educating and communicating. Continue reading

Top 5: Game Endings

Top Game Endings

All’s Well That Ends Well

It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game, right? But sometimes, even the best gameplay experience can be made or broken by the game’s ending. Continue reading