2013 Gaming Archive #8: Prototype 2

Prototype 2

Devolution 101

My initial review for Prototype 2, written during the days of the now-defunct BNBGAMING, still remains one of my favorite reviews, at least of the ones I’ve written. I feel it perfectly captured the sense of freedom and power that I felt while playing the game; freedom to go where I wanted and, more importantly, how I wanted, and the power to do whatever I had a mind to once I got there. It felt as if the metropolis I’d been let loose in was my playground to do whatever I wanted within. Continue reading

Review: Prototype 2 (360/PS3)

Prototype 2 Review

Life in the Streets

New York City. Businesses and skyscraper office parks sit almost side-by-side with brownstone rowhouses and ramshackle makeshift shanty-towns. Subdued and mentally broken, a frightened populace walks the streets, throwing wide-eyed glances over their shoulders, with an occasional angry voice raised in protest. A tank passes slowly, menacingly pointing its single black eye at the people as it parts the masses, its segmented treads grinding on the tattered asphalt. The tank is not performing its vigilant duty alone – a cadre of armed soldiers (presumably grim-faced beneath their full-body armor and face-concealing masks) flank and keep pace with it, guns cradled casually, throwing jaunty glances left and right at a public that shrinks back and cowers in response. Continue reading

Top 5: Badasses

Top Badasses

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Some games are all about characters getting in touch with their sensitive sides. Characters who’d rather talk it out and like to play by the rules. And then there’s games that feature some absolutely full-throttle, balls-to-the-wall badasses, and are proud of it. Today, we celebrate the rebels, the characters who’ve ventured off the beaten path, the characters who kick some ass first and ask questions later. Continue reading

Top 5: Frustrating Moments

Top 5 Frustrating Moments

Tough Luck

Some games are tough, some are easy. And then we have those games that just absolutely make you want to wrap that controller cord into a noose and end your suffering the manly way. Continue reading