BNBGAMING’s Top “Oh Shit!” Moments

Oh Shit! Moments

That’s a Mouthful!

Any game, any genre, any developer likely hopes to attain that one pure moment of unadulterated enjoyment among its audience, that one moment when you, the gamer, forget everything around you, and just can’t hold back a loud shout of profanity, because simply nothing else will suffice to express your pent-up admiration for the game in front of you. Sometimes, when lengthy soliloquies just don’t do the trick, a simple “Oh Shit!” says so much. Continue reading


Top 5: Bad Sequels to Good Games

Top Bad Sequels

Following in the Footsteps of Greatness

Terminator 2, The Godfather II, Aliens…we all know that some sequels have been successful in taking their source material and improving upon it, creating experiences that trump their predecessors in just about every way imaginable. Continue reading

Top 5: Scares

Top 5 Scary Games


Horror games appeal to a very specific subset of gamers. Even a gritty thriller tingles the hairs on the back of your neck in a way that can only be appreciated by some of us. While those who prefer a more benign experience scoff in derision, we crave the build-up of terror in a game as much as in a good book or movie. Continue reading

Things That Go Bump in the Night – The Truth Behind Survival-Horror Games

Survival Horror

A Gradual Metamorphosis

It’s a fact:  when I actually attend a movie theater nowadays, it’s to see either an action or horror movie, and even then the odds are that I’ll pick a blood-and-gore fest over an action flick by a wide margin.  I honestly don’t see a reason to spend my admission dollars to see a romantic comedy or an emotion-drenched drama.  Movie theaters are capable of delivering the kind of immersive experience to the viewer that naturally lends itself to the endorphin rushes and pulse-pounding moments of these particular genres.  The same has begun to become more and more a reality in the realm of video games. Continue reading